Photograph courtesy of Bambucha Kombucha LLC
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Bambucha Kombucha Raspberry Crush

Flavor contains crushed organic raspberries, lemongrass, splash of cold-pressed lime juice

Supplier - Bambucha Kombucha LLC

Bambucha Kombucha released hard kombucha Raspberry Crush and a hard kombucha variety pack consisting of the new flavor plus Tropical Guava, Blueberry Vanilla and Hawaiian Hibiscus. Raspberry Crush offers crushed ripe organic raspberries paired with an infusion of lemongrass and splash of tart, cold-pressed lime juice. Hard kombucha is 6% ABV, 140 calories and 5 grams of sugar. In the non-alcoholic segment, the company offers Thai Ginger, Guava Punch, Hibiscus Rose, Mango Masala and Blueberry Tart.