Photo courtesy of Frankford Candy LLC
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Dunkin’ Assorted Donut-Flavor Filled Chocolate Eggs

Includes foiled chocolate eggs in three iconic brand-inspired flavors

Supplier - Frankford Candy

Frankford Candy’s 2024 Easter candy and gift set lineup includes such items as Claussen Pickles Jelly Beans (4 ounces of branded pickle-flavored jelly beans) and Dunkin’ Assorted Donut-Flavor Filled Chocolate Eggs (foiled chocolate eggs in Jelly Donut, Brownie Batter and Coconut flavors). Other notables include Peeps Plush Bus Gift Set (bunny and two 4-count packs of branded Blue Marshmallow Bunnies in bus-shaped package); Peeps Plush Farm House Gift Set (farmer-themed plush bunny, one 4-count pack of Yellow Marshmallow Bunnies); and Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Strawberry Bunny (with Rice Krispies cereal pieces).