Olli Salumeria
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Olli's Cornichons & Onion Antipasto Tray

Combines slow-cured salami, Italian dry salami with cheddar cheese curds, pickled cornichons, onions

Product Information - Snacks

Supplier - Olli Salumeria

Olli Salumeria launches Olli Cornichons & Onions Antipasto Tray, combining sliced, slow-cured Olli Hard Salami and Italian Dry Salami with cheddar cheese curds, pickled cornichons and onions. Sold refrigerated, it joins four existing Olli Antipasto Tray pairings, including Parmesan & Frescatrano, Cheddar & Jalapeno, plus two All Meat varieties featuring a selection of Olli’s famous Italian-style salami (SRP range of $16.99 to $19.99).