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PDI Amps Up Value to Convenience-Store Retailers With New GasBuddy App Offers

Integration leverages technology company’s age verification capabilities for brands targeting 21+ consumers


Altria Recaps Its Plans to Move Beyond Smoking at CAGNY Conference

'We believe we are best positioned to lead the tobacco harm reduction opportunity,' says tobacco company's CEO

Review includes updates regarding agency's 5-year strategic plan and latest compliance and enforcement actions

State Department of Commerce awards more than $1 million for installation at gas stations, convenience stores, grocery stores, more

Convenience-store chain, baseball team also looking to improve youth literacy

Supported by federal program, the four fast chargers will be at a convenience store in Richmond, Kentucky

Retailer also broadening beyond Oklahoma with growth planned in Nevada and Illinois

Car wash is the retailer's fifth standalone location

‘Simply put, prohibition does not work,’ says executive director of the National Association of Tobacco Outlets

Cobi 18 robot scrubs convenience-store retailer’s floors, freeing up staff to spend more time with customers

The chocolate company sees a 231% spike in sales after its Super Bowl commercial aired

Retailer plans to enable a scalable technology foundation across its more than 2,600 convenience stores

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