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Hannah Prokop is an associate editor at CSP Magazine, covering snacks, candy and general merchandise.

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Snacks & Candy

Kind Acquires Creative Snacks Co.

First partnership for the New York-based fruit and nut bar maker

Snacks & Candy

Hershey President and CEO Buck Also Named Chairwoman

Former chairman will resume role of lead independent director

Cinema chain selling its packaged product in Arizona

Adds Louisiana to parent company The Icee Co.'s portfolio

Velocity Snack Brands acquires popchips as first brand

Retailers, manufacturers describe snack as jerky alternative

Factors that would bring more shoppers into the store, according to IRI data

Insights on bottled water, CSDs, energy drinks from CSP’s Cold Vault Forum

Retailers, gaming company general counsel talk adding terminals to stores

Retailers should focus on 'go-forward' opportunities, NACS speakers say

Equity firm to work with J. Polep Distribution Service, Rachael’s Food LLC

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