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Jennifer Strailey is editor in chief of Winsight Grocery Business. With more than two decades of experience covering the competitive grocery, natural products and specialty food and beverage landscape, Jennifer’s focus has been to provide retail decision-makers with the insight, market intelligence, trends analysis, news and strategic merchandising concepts that drive sales. She began her journalism career at The Gourmet Retailer, where she was an associate editor and has been a longtime freelancer for a variety of trade media outlets. Additionally, she has more than a decade of experience in the wine industry, both as a reporter and public relations account executive. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Boston College. Jennifer lives with her family in Denver.


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Snacks & Candy

Coronavirus Drives Purchases of Snack Foods

Shoppers stock up on more than disinfectant, toilet paper

General Merchandise

Convenience Trumps Price When It Comes to Fresh Food Sales

Nearly one-fifth of households purchase fresh foods from c-stores and gas stations, IRI says