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Madame Chairman

Actually, E-Z Mart CEO says "Sonja" would be just fine


Imperfect Storm

Food prices, retail competition, economy bite restaurant industry

Small retailers finding Sam's Club, Costco a better way to stock their shelves

DeSutter gets on board with plenty of foodservice, integration chops

Symposium stresses high-end coffee, strength despite sagging economy

Underhill goes over what it takes to see store from big picture to out on the floor

Nielsen shows how to sell to those hurt by rising fuel prices

IRI's Blischok predicts, suggests changes to convenience store industry

…is what's boosting CPG business

Winning over consumers, making 'better for you' easier to understand

Association gasoline brand adds turnkey backoffice services

Father of the PC opens CRC 2008 with lessons from his whiz-kid life

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