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Mitch Morrison is vice president of retailer relations at Winsight. Reach him at

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Company News

In Memory of Pete Sodini

Trailblazing CEO made The Pantry ‘the best in the business’

Company News

Former CEO of The Pantry Dies

Pete Sodini grew North Carolina chain into a regional powerhouse

Is the industry hearing a clarion call for consolidation?

And why falling dominos will likely drive additional shakeups in the c-store industry

How complete does a rewards app need to be?

How will retailers react to declines in profitability?

Here’s what the future holds for convenience stores in 2023

Will we see a Christmas miracle?

Why I believe Santa will bring an economic rebound

Social Security beneficiaries are getting a huge ‘pay raise’ for 2023, savings in Medicare premiums

5 considerations to turn a coming challenge into opportunity

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