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Mitch Morrison is vice president of retailer relations at Winsight. Reach him at

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KT Redefines ‘Trips’

Retailer finds new opportunities in delivery and loyalty


Preparing for an All-Electric Vehicle Fleet

How quickly will moves by government and automakers force retailers’ hand?

Liberal-leaning, perhaps, but plenty of room to benefit

Why marriage brokers should love the high-profile c-store partnership announced this week

With QuickChek purchase, public company will need to show the patience to embrace foodservice

What will the ‘new normal’ look like in c-stores?

Marketing effort will underscore local qualities of branded network

Lessons from Sears, Toys R Us and retail businesses operating on a ventilator

The retail CEO on why store traffic is flat and why he’d never make it on 'American Idol'

Which candidates did the largest fuel-marketing organization back financially in the midterm elections?

SIGMA legal counsel honored for four decades of service to the petroleum industry

Checking in on what’s next for the former E-Z Mart CEO

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