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General Merchandise

General Merchandise: Generally Healthy

Branded merchandise and more provide a path for subcategory growth

Snacks & Candy

Millennials, Gen Z Consumers Want Dynamic Candy Flavors, IRI Says

Varieties such as soft fruit chews, sour gummies doing well

Sweethearts return to shelves just in time for Feb. 14

Exclusive interview with center-store leader Andrew Lee

New portfolio of snack brands to be introduced this year

What new marine fuel sulfur regulations mean for on-road diesel and gasoline

Q&A with category's senior director reveals sources of inspiration, innovation

Growth of alcohol beverages in cans gives drinkers—and retailers—new options

Consumers’ hunger for specialized eating regimens provides opportunity for c-store retailers

U.S. refiners and retailers navigate new forces shaping the energy market

Selection is an ‘arrow in our quiver’ as it expands, chain says

Trade uncertainty between the U.S. and China has put electronic products in limbo

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