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Company News

10 Hot C-Store Design Trends 2020

Retailers seek the intersection of form and function, health and safety

Snacks & Candy

A Peek at Hershey's Halloween Line Extensions

Three iconic candy brands get seasonal makeovers

Consumer, demographic and even pandemic trends alter the top spots for convenience-retail growth today

Branded merchandise and more provide a path for subcategory growth

Varieties such as soft fruit chews, sour gummies doing well

Sweethearts return to shelves just in time for Feb. 14

Exclusive interview with center-store leader Andrew Lee

New portfolio of snack brands to be introduced this year

What new marine fuel sulfur regulations mean for on-road diesel and gasoline

Q&A with category's senior director reveals sources of inspiration, innovation

Growth of alcohol beverages in cans gives drinkers—and retailers—new options

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