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Thomas A. Briant is executive director of the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO). He can be reached at (866) 869-8888 or

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2021 Legislative and Regulatory Highlights

From state to federal legislation, tobacco faced hurdles


CTP Director Offers Updates on Tobacco Rules and Guidance

4 key insights from NATO webinar: guest column

Flavored tobacco products may be sold in city pending the case’s outcome

Policymakers must respond to the issue

Products may continue to be marketed until agency completes further review of PMTA

Products on the market that received denials must be pulled from shelves or risk enforcement

Agency is not noting names of specific denied products

Challenging the one-sided view that all products should be regulated identically

Decision upholds parts of Deeming Rule, User Fees Rule

Ruling means agency properly designated e-cigarettes as tobacco products

5 highlights from the Office of Science

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