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Thomas A. Briant is executive director of the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO). He can be reached at (866) 869-8888 or info@natocentral.com.

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COVID-19 Alters State Legislative Processes

Responses to the pandemic vary, putting lawmaking on hold in many regions


NATO Parses PMTA for Tobacco Retailers

FDA deadline looms for manufacturers to apply for nicotine product authorization

White House says it opposes the bill in its current form

Federal judge calls mandate for premium cigars ‘arbitrary and capricious’

What retailers need to know about selling electronic nicotine products

Retailers must immediately comply with change in federal minimum buying age

Issue dominated tobacco, nicotine legislation this year

White House, Congress, states review policies surrounding e-cigarettes

Every email sent to U.S. representatives counts, NATO says

Vaping industry challenges emergency actions in states

Subcommittee bill could lead to major changes in Tobacco Control Act

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