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Trilby Lundberg is publisher of the Lundberg Survey of U.S. fuel markets.

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Gasoline Price Slide Right On Time for Summer

Downstreamers chasing sales likely to shrink margins


Pump Price Run-Up Finally Halted

When will the deep price-cutting begin?

More margin recovery for refiners and retailers

When and why will it end?

Pump price up another 12 cents in past 2 weeks

Retail gasoline margin now ridiculously low

CAMARILLO, Calif. — Gasoline prices have been following those of crude oil very closely, but between Feb. 22 and March 8, crude-oil prices edged down slightly while gasoline prices continued their upw...

Pump price jumps a dime—is more to come?

Retailers' gasoline margins shrink as pump prices edge up

Price up, retail margin up

Gasoline price crash continues