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Building a brand - how fuel retailers are turning their convenience store into their community store

As the retail fuel market changes, retailers must change too. Finding new ways to increase your profit per gallon has become essential. In this webinar we'll reveal exactly what you can do to stop relying on your street price and still win more customers.


The shift in retail fuel profits—how are retailers optimizing their street price?

When retailers are already buying well, how can they use their street price to increase profitability? Join EdgePetrol’s webinar to learn how the best retailers today are shifting their profitability away from the supply chain by implementing new strategies at street level.

Markets are consolidating and a smaller number of companies continue to get larger. The top 200 chains now run about 30% of all c-stores. So what is the best way for you to take advantage of your multi-station fuel operation and optimize your profits?

Key insights help recoup fuel profits lost to the pandemic.

On this episode of “At Your Convenience,” CSP Editor Jackson Lewis sits down with Mark Truman of EdgePetrol and Ken Shriber of Petroleum Equity Group (PEG).

Today’s competitive fuel market calls for clever pricing.