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Snacks & Candy

A Fall Football Promotion to Help You and Your Shoppers Win Big

College football is synonymous with snacking. Fans love to snack their way through the regular and postseason, returning regularly to their favorite local convenience and grocery stores to stock up fo...

Snacks & Candy

Shopping With Your Eyes: Keys to Successful Merchandising Strategies

When it comes to establishing effective strategies that increase basket sizes and store sales, merchandising should be at the top of your list. By offering popular snacks throughout your shopper’s pur...

Most on-the-go shoppers looking for a quick snack already know what snack brand they want before setting foot in a convenience store. Since their c-store trips average only 3-minutes1,shoppers want th...

As consumers’ tastes change, so should the products on your shelves

A growing variety of eating habits makes knowing the needs of consumers key