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Debunking Loyalty Myths: A Practical Guide to Payments and Rewards

This webinar will break down the three most common myths around building a successful loyalty program.


Merchants Gain an Edge by Combining Payment With Rewards

As consumer loyalty continues to attract customers to c-stores, there are many options available to merchants looking to gain an edge in such a competitive landscape, one solution has often flown under the radar: private-label debit (PLD).

Out of 500 millennial and Gen X adults, the majority seek out merchants that offer debit-based rewards programs for immediate rewards.

While millennials’ loyalty may be considered hard to gain, their connectivity, brand advocacy and market share make them an attractive consumer segment to all retailers.

Payment and rewards programs can help to seamlessly and instinctively strengthen the bond between the consumer and the brand to create what every merchant seeks: loyalty.

After more than 10 years of quiet growth, private label debit is now a payment method that’s making noise among merchants looking for ways to drive sales and grow business through consumer loyalty.