Improving the bathroom experience is twofold: Retailers should aim to provide an overall pleasant experience for customers using the facilities and also a simplified experience for employees in charge of the bathroom’s upkeep, Henken says. For example, API Plus has seen more retailers implement a trough-style sink so that multiple customers can use one basin.

“If you have paper towels, locate those centrally between the two basins so you’re not dripping water across the floor to get to the paper towel dispenser,” Henken says. He also recommends placing waste receptacles near the door so that patrons can use their paper towel to open the door and then throw it away while the door is open. Some retailers are opting for bathroom entrances with a blind entry instead of doors, bypassing the issue of germs on door handles entirely.


Simpler bathrooms are usually easier to clean, as in a Rutter’s location.