Company News

Pilot Flying J Fires Two at Center of Rebate Scheme

Sales execs allegedly participated in fraud; one recorded conversations

Company News

Pilot Flying J Departures Continue

More employees leave scandal-plagued truckstop company

Hazelwood departs company, "effective immediately"

Station owners on alert as rash of diesel thefts hits region

Providing diesel to six additional third-party sites

Why gas prices may be higher on Cinco de Mayo than Memorial Day

Lawsuits over scheme to cheat customers centralized in Kentucky over plaintiffs' objections

Imagine if you were living today on the same $1-per-week allowance your parents gave you as a child. It would be tough to pay the mortgage, buy food and find transportation, much less visit the doctor and hairdresser and otherwise keep yourself presentable. That’s the situation facing the Highway Trust Fund (HTF), created by the federal government back in 1956 to pay for highway construction and maintenance. Feeding the fund is an 18.3-cents-per-gallon federal tax on gasoline and 24.4-cents-per-gallon tax on diesel—the same level set back in 1993.

New hearing scheduled in request to transfer last federal cases to Knoxville

NATSO fights to preserve toll-free interstate system

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