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H&S Energy: Doubling Store Count, Boosting Digital Sales 10-Fold

California retailer leans into online ordering

Company News

Incisiv Names 15 C-Store Leaders in Digital Marketing

Benchmark results unveiled during Winsight’s RetailTEC event

CSP and data firm Incisiv present a wholistic look at how far c-stores have come with their digital platforms—and how far they still need to go. Here’s how retailers are feeling about general business conditions, COVID-19, labor, fuel and tobacco as a year from hell comes to a close.

New in-app pay capability boosts retailer

6 best practices to increase engagement and conversions across devices

Online tools and new rewards setup boosts chain

Updated loyalty features and upcoming in-car payment shift list

Attentiveness on social media and a straightforward website go a long way

New rewards app improves chain’s standing

Iconic chain clings to top 10 slot

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