electronic cigarettes


2022 Tobacco Forecast

What category experts expect for MON, cigars, vapor and more in the coming year


CTP Director Offers Updates on Tobacco Rules and Guidance

4 key insights from NATO webinar: guest column

Electronic engagement program will allow age-verified consumers to access digital promotions

CTP Director Mitch Zeller gives updates on NATO webinar

Product oversight, taxes and consumer trends light up sales from behind the counter

Flavored tobacco products may be sold in city pending the case’s outcome

Stein also launches investigation into Puff Bar, asks FDA commissioner nominee to protect children from e-cigarettes

On nicotine pouches grow share while IQOS remains in limbo

Flavored e-liquid products can continue to be sold while PMTA is under review

Products may continue to be marketed until agency completes further review of PMTA

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