fuel prices


N.Y. AG Orders Stations to Stop 'Deceptive' Pricing

Retailers prominently displayed one price but charged more at pump, Schneiderman alleges


Retailers Give Motorists a Big Price Break

Lundberg asks,will the Saudis give them more?

Claim distributor forcing them to pay "unreasonable" prices

Michigan AG files criminal charges against Madison Heights owner/operators

Akerson believes increase would "nudge consumers toward more fuel-efficient cars"

Consumers' fuel purchases increasingly driven by discounts, rewards, rather than brand, quality

Obama's commission recommends gradual 15-cent hike beginning in 2013

The U.S. Department of Energy has raised its price projections for crude oil slightly, while diesel price projects remain virtually unchanged from last month.

Gasoline margins expected to remain moderate; retail prices likely to average under $3/gal.

FTC report details factors affecting retail gas prices

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