General Merchandise

The New HBC Set

In today’s environment, building strong PPE merchandising section is one healthy strategy

General Merchandise

Lil’ Drug Store Acquires Convenience Valet

Deal expands reach of leading “point-of-need” product providers

Customers can order items between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. through the chain’s rewards app

IRI’s CPG Demand Index compares current dollar sales with pre-COVID-19 numbers

Mixed results in over-the-counter medicines

Branded merchandise and more provide a path for subcategory growth

Results show most operators have specific plan in place to combat the coronavirus

4 boys burned after using homemade product, police say

Expanding current consumer offerings and giving customers more choices, as well as filling gaps for products the store doesn’t yet offer, is a great way for retailers to boost sales.

Lil' Drug Store Products, Convenience Valet enter the cannabidiol game

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