interchange fees


Mastercard Plans to Raise Certain Credit, Debit Card Fees

Pricing changes come days after card issuers agree to $30 billion settlement over swipe fees


‘There Is Nothing to Celebrate in This,’ Doug Kantor of NACS Says About the Credit-Card Deal

The offer from MasterCard and Visa doesn’t look so good for convenience stores when experts dive into the details

Convenience-store, other retail groups say deal is bad for merchants

Interchange fees, on average, biggest expense for convenience stores, aside from labor, Merchants Payments Coalition says

Retailers have until May 12 to submit appeals to reduce transaction cost

18 million businesses, including c-stores and grocers, to receive notices starting Dec. 1

Board proposes 17.7-cent cap to be reviewed every 2 years

Movement comes after Visa, Mastercard plan to raise network, interchange fees

Changes could result in retailers paying an additional $502 million annually in fees, report says

Credit Card Competition Act of 2023 has bipartisan support

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