New Jersey C-Stores Must Carry Smoking Cessation Product

QuickChek says it has carried those items before, and customers weren't interested


Congressional Attempt to Raise Tobacco Taxes: ‘It Could Happen Again’

While tobacco, vapor tax increases were cut from current legislation, here’s why retailers should remain vigilant

Sandore to head up sales, marketing group for CBD, tobacco alternatives company

What category experts expect for MON, cigars, vapor and more in the coming year

Efremov to succeed Larry Wexler

4 key insights from NATO webinar: guest column

CTP Director Mitch Zeller gives updates on NATO webinar

Product oversight, taxes and consumer trends light up sales from behind the counter

Proposed bill would require most entities that sell tobacco to offer 1 type of nicotine replacement therapy drug

Company is partnering with distributor H.T. Hackney

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