Exxon Seeks to Overturn $1.5 Billion UST Verdict

Company says ruling about leak unsupported by the facts, law


Spirit Petroleum Announces First Site in Kentucky

Station owner and A&M Oil Co. president Mark Stout is converting his site in Taylorsville to the Spirit brand in mid-August.

EPA finalizes E15 dispenser labels; issues guidance on UST biofuels compatibility

Has also acquired minority interest in LouLex Pipeline system

OKs release of 30 million barrels of oil from Strategic Petroleum Reserve

Three Klamath Falls, Ore., stations failed to check tanks for leaks

Fuels provider enters market with opening of first operations center in Canada

Marks first use of new authority that makes it a crime to manipulate wholesale oil markets

Station owner Mamo defends himself against gouging charges in D.C.

Bid approved by board of directors

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