Programmable Coffee System Benefits Both Retailers and Consumers


Having a programmable coffee system delivers many benefits for both convenience store retailers and coffee consumers. A coffee system that can be programmed to grind, brew and manage coffee freshness streamlines the coffee making process for c-store retailers and reduces labor for employees. It also offers a quick cup of coffee that is ready for on-the-go customers any time of the day. These benefits and more can add efficiency, revenue and satisfied repeat customers to c-stores.

Ongoing labor challenges

According to Technomic’s November 2023 C-Store Market Annual Report, c-store retailers continue to face ongoing labor challenges, with the greatest being managing and executing foodservice program tasks.

An overwhelming 88% of c-store retailers have staffing/labor concerns such as the ability to hire enough store-level workers, while 86% struggle with retaining current store-level employees. The report also found that 45% of c-store retailers are challenged with managing labor usage effectively—28% said that foodservice roles are understaffed; and 26% of c-store retailers have store-level staff who cover the foodservice area and execute foodservice tasks, but also cover and execute tasks in other areas of the store.

A programmable coffee system can help to eliminate the task of preparing coffee, and allow employees to focus on their store areas and tasks without also having to be responsible for additional store duties.

Consumer coffee consumption

Consumers continue to purchase coffee at c-stores because it is convenient, but also because the quality, flavor and drink options are just as appealing as other locations that sell hot or cold variations of the beverage.

Technomic’s Q1 2024 C-Store Consumer Market Brief states that in January 2024, 54% of customers entered c-stores nearly every time they were fueling or recharging their cars, and 70% purchased foodservice beverage items at least once a week.

Additionally, Technomic’s Q3 2023 C-Store Consumer Market Brief found that 37% of consumers said they purchase dispensed beverages more often because they are commuting/traveling more, and stop at c-stores while doing so; 32% said they do so because they are visiting convenience stores more often; and 18% do so because they have less time to make their own beverages at home.

An all-in-one coffee solution

Premia is BUNN’s new programmable coffee system that delivers hot and iced drip-style flavor coffee fast, with instant dispensing. The system is an ideal solution for c-stores, as it reduces labor and increases customer satisfaction and sales. Here are a few benefits this system offers:

  • Automated daypart management—The high-performance brewer from BUNN automatically grinds and brews fresh coffee all day. The system has the ability to monitor coffee freshness and drain expired coffee, making coffee available for instant dispensing during peak demand hours while reducing waste during slower dayparts. The intelligent reservoir management system schedules brewing to maintain the set fill levels in the internal Soft Heat® reservoirs. It has five options for different fill levels and there’s a brew-on-demand option to ensure the right amount of coffee is always available.
  • Reduced demand for staff labor—With Premia, touches per day are reduced with features such as: large capacity 3-pound bean hoppers for prolonged refill times; under counter through-chute for direct spent grounds disposal; and semi-automated brewer cleaning with Picture Prompted Cleaning™ that takes care of the end-of-day cleaning process. As a result, there’s less demand for staff to continually monitor and clean the system.
  • Coffee excellence and speed—BUNN’s Premia offers an expanded selection of customizable high-quality beverages with mix and match coffee varieties. Its exclusive brewing method produces freshly brewed coffee from whole beans, with no crema and three bean selections. The system’s reservoirs are equipped with Soft Heat® technology that automatically shuts off heat once the preset temperature is reached, which ensures ideal holding temperatures and optimal flavor. Additionally, fresh coffee is immediately available and ready with Premia’s technology, reducing lines and wait times during busy dayparts. The machine’s touchscreen push-and-hold dispense feature allows customers to fill most large cups in approximately 10 seconds.

Reduce labor and increase revenue with BUNN’s Premia coffee system that delivers fast, fresh coffee during all dayparts. For more information, click here.

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