Turn a ‘Hunch’ Into Happy Customers

Optimize cold-vault product visibility and stocking efficiency with gravity-driven roller shelves

We’ve all seen or performed the convenience-store “hunch.” It occurs when customers stroll up to the cold-vault door and observe an empty slot on the shelf where their favorite single-serve soda, energy drink or fruit juice usually resides. That’s when the “hunch” takes place—knees bent, shoulders rolled forward, face at the glass, head cocked and eyes squinting as the customer peers toward the back of the shelf to see if that coveted Diet Coke is lurking in the dark recesses of the cold vault.

Anthony cold vault roller shelves

If it’s there, they’ll reach an arm into the cooler and emerge with their prize; if not, there’s a good chance they’ll turn away in disgust and begin a search for another convenience store that can feed that craving.

“There may be no more frustrating experience for convenience-store shoppers than entering the site intent on purchasing a favorite beverage or snack, or even a dozen eggs, and not knowing if that item is truly in or out of stock as they arrive at the cold-vault door,” said Craig Little, president and CEO of Anthony, a leading provider of cooler and freezer doors, and related equipment. “Knowing that this frustration can lead to the consumer altering his or her shopping habits, we have developed the gravity-driven Mini-Roller Shelves. The heart of this system is a one-piece roller shelf that ensures that any cold-vault item on the shelf will be in clear view of the shopper. The result is optimized shelving capacity and restocking efficiency—and happier customers.”

The design of the Mini-Roller Shelves enables multiple facings on the same shelf to slide smoothly and independently to the front of the shelf as items are removed. This not only puts items in clear view and makes them easily accessible to the customer, but it also provides labor-cost savings by facilitating quick product resets and faster restocking.

The Mini-Roller Shelves can be added to any new or existing wire shelves and is easy to assemble with no tools required, while also offering extreme flexibility for fast configuration changes. Using snap-in metal dividers and side stops, and a clear acrylic product stop that allows a full view of the products, the components are built with durable materials that have been tested for wear through 500,000 test cycles. This allows the system to withstand normal cooler wear and tear and deliver long operational life.

Anthony’s Mini-Roller Shelves come complete with a three-year limited warranty and 12-month warranty on parts and labor.

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