Benefits of Offering Roller Grill Food Items

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When it comes to convenience store foodservice, retailers are increasingly offering fresh foods and made-to-order options. However, a classic category in c-store foodservice—the roller grill—remains as important as ever. Not only do roller grill items provide the portability, convenience and craveable taste shoppers are looking for, but they’re also a low-labor, high-profit item for stores.

While consumers are indeed choosing c-stores more when they’re looking for a quick bite, retailers should know they’re not beholden to hosting a complete, made-to-order foodservice program. Instead, they can offer an array of roller grill choices which offer several benefits. They are:

  • Perfect for adding trending flavors to the lineup without maxing out the food budget
  • Low-labor, which is ideal for labor-crunched stores
  • Beloved by consumers—no matter what’s available to them, many consumers still gravitate toward the classics

Amazing taste, trending flavors

Roller grill items have long been a staple at c-stores—and for good reason. They’re fast, ready to eat and available in familiar flavors—consumers already know and love them. From foods such as hot dogs and other sausages, to prepared options such as Tornados from Ruiz Foodservice, consumers have no trouble finding something they’ll enjoy.

Ruiz Foodservice is proud to offer an array of delicious Tornados in a variety of flavors including globally inspired and spicy options—two flavor trends consumers crave. For instance, Spicy Queso Beef Tornados fit both trends into one convenient, savory package. Other options include Cheese & Pepperoni and Southwest Style Chicken. Even breakfast options are available, such as Egg, Bacon, Cheese & Salsa Tornados and French Toast and Sausage Tornados. No matter what time of day or what someone might be craving, there’s a roller grill item waiting for them.  By offering appealing flavors at the roller grill, retailers can appeal to shoppers looking for something quick, tasty and familiar.

Low labor, low stress

Another useful benefit of offering roller grill options, either instead of or in addition to made-to-order choices, is that foods from the roller grill are low labor. Many retailers are still feeling the effects of a labor shortage in the industry, and finding ways to serve their customers without maxing out staff is key to success and customer satisfaction. Roller grill items, such as Tornados, are ready in minutes and don’t need any tending once they’re ready—they can be held in a warming unit or on a roller grill for up to four hours and don’t need to be turned or flipped during the heating process. By offering an array of roller grill selections, c-store staff can use their time at work to do more important tasks, such as helping customers.

Catering to consumers

Finally, roller grill items offer the benefit that, put simply, customers love them and will come to the store to buy them. Increasing in-store traffic and repeat visits is key to success, and by offering the delicious, convenient foodservice snacks and meals customers want—and are specifically looking for—retailers set themselves up for continued success. As c-stores increasingly compete with local fast-casual and quick-service restaurants, offering budget-friendly foods that taste great will be a boon to retailers’ bottom lines.

Ruiz Foodservice offers a wide variety of roller grill products, including Tornados, a customer favorite. Tornados are available in 13 different flavors in packages of 24. To learn more about Tornados and other roller grill foods, click here.

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