Boost Profits With Nationally Recognized Foodservice Options

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Consumers don’t forget their favorite foods—they crave them, want more and return to where they can purchase them again. So, offering nationally recognized foodservice options with familiar flavors that consumers enjoy is a great opportunity for convenience store retailers to build a consumer base and encourage repeat customers. With the popularity of pizza purchases at c-stores, retailers can benefit from a new profit source with nationally branded pizza foodservice programs.

Add revenue with a grab-and-go pizza program

Pizza is a popular foodservice item at c-stores. Sixty-four percent of convenience stores offer pizza, according to Technomic’s recent C-Store Operator Update report. And, 47% of consumers say they eat pizza at least once a week, according to Technomic’s recent Pizza Consumer Trend Report.

A branded pizza program with grab-and-go selections for all dayparts, with high profit margins and included marketing, can increase revenue for c-store retailers. Additionally, a program with a simple program designed for fast-paced c-stores that does not require additional labor is an added benefit.

Finding the right foodservice partner

Finding a partner that understands the needs of c-stores helps retailers focus more on their store’s growth and success.

C-store needs vary depending on location and store traffic, so retailers may benefit more from foodservice programs that are designed specifically for them, with customizable and flexible pizza shoppe and equipment options tailored to fit their store. Also, programs that have breakfast, lunch and dinner offerings can drive traffic to the store more often and consistently throughout the day, boosting overall profits. Additionally, offering grab-and-go and made-to-order options can add a boost to in-store profits.

Other things to look for in a foodservice partner can include good communication and available account managers who provide high-quality training and support in areas such as: direct store delivery and service; local store marketing solutions and marketing materials, installed and maintained; inventory management, product rotation and restocking; and free ongoing training for employees.

Great tasting pizza with c-stores in mind

Hunt Brothers® Pizza is a nationally branded pizza program that is designed to meet the needs of c-stores.With products that are easily prepped and come pre-topped with sauce and cheese, it’s simple to manage waste and portion control.

According to Technomic’s recent Pizza Consumer Trend Report, 27% of consumers are more interested in trying pizzas with unique toppings or ingredients now than two years ago. Thirty-two percent of foodservice pizza orders have at least one topping, and 34% of pizza consumers consider dough/crust quality to be the most important element of pizza. Additionally, 16% of consumers said that the quality of toppings was most important, followed by cheese quality at 14%, variety of toppings at 11% and quantity of toppings at 11%.

Hunt Brothers® Pizza’s program offers a variety of toppings including meats (pepperoni, Italian sausage, beef and bacon) and veggies (bell peppers, mushrooms, white onions, banana peppers, black olives and jalapenos), and the program also offers original and thin crust options. Hunt Brothers Pizza offers 10 toppings for no extra charge. That’s 1,024 pizza topping combinations for hungry customers to customize their orders.

Limited Time Offering (LTO) pizza selections from Hunt Brothers® Pizza include:

  • Buffalo Chicken Pizza—featuring original crust topped with a mixture of ranch dressing and buffalo wing sauce, mozzarella and Monterey Jack cheeses, and a generous portion of diced chicken.
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch—featuring original crust, covered in creamy ranch sauce, layered with diced chicken and then topped with mozzarella and cheddar cheeses and bacon.
  • Italian Trio Pizza—featuring original crust blended with an Italian herb seasoning, signature tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese. Topped with Italian sausage, cured salami, cup and char pepperoni, and our blend of Italian seasoning.

Hunt Brothers® Pizza also offers a Breakfast Pizza that is pretopped with fluffy scrambled eggs, chopped bacon, breakfast sausage and a blend of mozzarella and cheddar cheeses on the brand’s signature buttered crust.

Build profits with Hunt Brothers Pizza’s nationally branded pizza program specifically designed for a fast-paced c-store environment that requires no additional labor. For more information, visit

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