Convenience Store Pizza Programs on the Rise

What to look for in a foodservice franchise partner.
Godfather's Pizza

Consumers are on the hunt for better prices for virtually everything right now—amid record-setting inflation, shoppers are seeking out the best deals they can find on everything from home goods to gasoline to pizza. According to Technomic’s 2022 Pizza Consumer Trend Report, in fact, rising pizza prices have caused 17% of consumers to seek out more affordable varieties of pizza, and another 17% say they are ordering pizza from more affordable foodservice establishments.

C-store foodservice has come a long way in the past several years, with higher quality, fresher items available and competitive pricing making stores a worthy opponent for area restaurants. More and more stores have expanded their foodservice offerings, and for retailers interested in adding a pizza program, there’s no shortage of franchise partners to pair up with. So how can retailers feel confident they’re choosing the right partner? Here’s what to look for.


It’s crucial for pizza programs to offer variety. Technomic’s Pizza report found that 36% of consumers’ foodservice pizza orders are build-your-own or customized pizzas, 28% are one-topping pizzas, 19% are chef-designed or specialty pizzas and 17% are cheese-only pizzas. With this in mind, retailers should choose a pizza franchise partner that can offer a range of different pizzas customers will love to ensure repeat business.

High ROI

Retailers should also consider cost. Some franchises require high ongoing payment or subscription-type participation, which can be costly over time. Godfather’s Pizza® provides transparent franchise programs that require low royalty fees and can offer competitive, better-than-average margins.  

Being able to ensure that their investment in a pizza program will be worth it is key, and when working with Godfather’s Pizza, retailers can rest easy knowing the products will be profitable. 

Growth potential and reliability 

Finally, retailers should look for a franchise partner that ensures potential for future growth. Godfather’s Pizza®, for instance, is focused on growth and is dedicated to profitably providing consistently good food and great service to more than 1,300 locations across the country. The brand has been around for decades, with a winning record of growth and success serving abundantly-topped, great-tasting pies, which means retailers can be confident in the future of their pizza programs.  

Want to learn more about Godfather’s Pizza® programs? Visit for information about their franchise and licensing program opportunities.

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