Increase Store Traffic With Bold Flavored Roller Grill Items

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As consumers look for bolder menu options, adding new and unique flavors to the selection of hot foodservice items offered at convenience stores can attract new customers and encourage repeat visits.

What are customers eating?

Consumers are busy and they want quick, hot meals that taste good at one-stop locations. Many find c-stores to be an ideal option, as several purchases can be made at one time—they can fill up their car with gasoline, get a car wash, pick up necessities inside the store and, of course, enjoy a meal or snack from the hot case or roller grill.

According to Technomic's 2022 C-Store Market Annual Report, the number of consumers who said they typically purchase prepared foods when they enter a convenience store increased: from 35% in April to 45% by October. Additionally, more than half of consumers (64%) purchase foodservice items once a week or more.

Roller grill items are ubiquitous in c-stores, with 57% of overall locations offering them. And they meet the demand of the 43% of consumers who say c-stores should offer more prepared foods made with unique ingredients, according to Technomic’s 2022 C-Store Foodservice Multi Study.

Unique ingredients and flavor

Consumers define new or unique flavors as those that have not been tried before or new combinations of familiar spices, says Technomic’s 2023 Flavor Consumer Trend Report. According to the survey, 47% of consumers are looking for something different while 46% enjoy discovering new flavors.

Additionally, 62% of consumers said they like trying new flavors of food from time to time, and 36% of consumers are either likely or extremely likely to try new flavors from convenience store prepared foods areas. In terms of flavor, 48% of consumers consider spicy foods to be appealing, and 55% consider spicy foods to be craveable.

Exciting offerings with bold flavors

Bold menus offering flavorful foods with unique ingredients can be an opportunity for c-store retailers to drive traffic and sales.

Tornados®️ from Ruiz Foodservice, such as the new Spicy Queso Beef Tornados®️, can meet consumer demand for a grab-and-go snack or meal with bold, hot flavors. These Tornados®️ are made with spicy, melty queso and seasoned ground beef inside a zesty, crispy shell.

They are ideal for c-store roller grills, warming display cases or warming trays. Frozen Tornados®️ are ready in minutes from grills, standard ovens or deep fryers, and can be held in a warming unit or on a roller grill for up to four hours. Cases are available with 24 Tornados®️ per case with serving sleeves provided. No buns or condiments are needed, making them a convenient, hand-held option for shoppers.

Tornados® from Ruiz Foodservice are an excellent prepared food choice for c-store retailers who are looking to bring bold flavors to their menus with easy-to-prep, grab-and-go meals for the hot case or roller grill.

Spicy Queso Beef Tornados®️ from Ruiz Foodservice are available now and for a limited time only. To learn more, click here

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