Digital Ranking Profile: QuikTrip (September 2018)

Jackson Lewis, Associate Editor

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TULSA, Okla. -- QuikTrip is one of only seven retailers on Stuzo’s digital ranking of convenience stores that offers preorder capabilities to its mobile app customers.

The brand has an overall score of 2.07, carried by its mobile tools and highly engaged social media strategy.

“QuikTrip’s app also includes a mobile payment option when preordering food. When mobile payments for in-store items are combined with pay-at-pump, loyalty, offers, promotions and other differentiated mobile capabilities, this creates a seamless and more convenient consumer experience that incentivizes consumers to spend more and visit more often,” said Sandra Sydlik, marketing specialist for Stuzo. “QuikTrip has a big opportunity to further differentiate its mobile consumer experience from its nonmobile consumer experience.”

Philadelphia-based Stuzo is a provider of personalized and predictive commerce solutions for the convenience and fuel-retail industry.

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The ranking covers 100 c-store chains, measuring each chain’s digital presence, including mobile commerce, mobile employee activation, connected car, website and social media. Each company is ranked on a points-based system with a score of zero to 5 for each metric. Each metric is calculated using four more specific metrics. While this article examines the details behind the QuikTrip ranking, it is meant more as a profile than an attempt to compare it to competitors.

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Mobile Commerce: 2.03

quik trip mobile

QuikTrip’s overall score for mobile commerce is 2.03. Here’s how it breaks down:

App Performance: 4.12
Mobile Payment: 1.33
Loyalty Program: 0
Mobile Ordering: 2.67

QuikTrip’s preordering capabilities set it apart and differentiate its mobile consumer experience, Sydlik said.

According to Stuzo's latest research, QuikTrip does not offer a loyalty program. Sydlik suggested that providing consumers with personalized rewards, based on their preferences and previous purchase behavior, would drive consumers to visit more often and spend more per visit.

Photograph courtesy of Stuzo

Website: 2

quik trip website

UX/UI: 5
Loyalty Program Promotion: 0
Personalization: 0
App Promotion: 5
Mobile Ordering: 0

QuikTrip’s website is visually appealing and easy to navigate. It provides plenty of information about QuikTrip’s locations and products. Consumers can easily find a full list of menu items and information on how to download the mobile app.

Sydlik said QuikTrip has an opportunity to add food order-ahead to its website as well. Only 5% of operators profiled on C-Store Digital Ranking offer web food ordering capabilities to consumers. Adding this would add lend more convenience to the consumer experience that incentivizes consumers to spend more and visit more often.

Photograph courtesy of Stuzo

Social Media: 4.25

quik trip social

Brand Responsiveness: 4.75
Frequency of Posts: 4.5
Creativity of Content: 2.75
Level of Engagement: 5

QuikTrip reaches more than 820,000 followers on Facebook, more than 28,000 followers on Twitter and more than 45,000 on Instagram. The brand is ranked in the top six in the social-media category among the top 100 c-store and fuel retail brands. Sydlik attributed the brand’s score to its success of engaging with its consumers by posting entertaining and creative content relating to product offerings.

QuikTrip also uses its social-media channels to promote upcoming events, such as grand openings; however, Sydlik said QuikTrip could do more to promote its mobile app to drive downloads and increase mobile engagement.

Photograph courtesy of Stuzo

Connected Car: 0

connected car

QuikTrip did not score in the connected-car metric, although this score is not unusual for c-store chains on Stuzo’s list. This metric is largely focused on the future. Stuzo predicts chains will put more resources into such initiatives as the industry evolves and becomes more technology-focused.

Connected car measures the chain’s use of a car’s "infotainment" system on the dashboard, which will become more common as the capabilities of car platforms expand further.

Tulsa, Okla.-based QuikTrip is an $11 billion company with more than 750 stores in 11 states. It is No. 12 on CSP’s 2018 Top 202 ranking of c-store chains by number of company-owned retail outlets.

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