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CSP Magazine

Opinion: Small Fuel Retailers: Go Big With Loyalty

A do-it-yourself loyalty program can help a single-store operator retain customers and differentiate its store brand.

CSP Magazine

Opinion: Who's at the Wheel?

Driverless vehicles have logged more than 1 million miles so far in the testing phase, and they have done so safely. So what's next?

Another nail in the coffin for liquid fossil fuels

While electric and natural-gas vehicles (and even propane vehicles) are considered viable replacements for those that run on diesel or gasoline, hydrogen incites more controversy and skepticism than all the others combined.

Why 2015 has all the makings of a year that may see us selling increased gallons with reduced margins.

C-stores have yet to discover how electric vehicles can support our business model based on convenient speed of service. When will that change?

A colleague and I came to an unsettling conclusion: One cannot make the fueling experience fun. No matter what you improve, it could never be fun. However, there are ways to it make it less painful.

The future of the convenience-store industry may very likely be one that is not driven by fuel purchases, as the transportation fuel universe becomes more complex, fragmented and less important.

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