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Leverage Technology to Mitigate Staffing Shortages

How retailers can use technology resources to help offset labor shortages.


Don’t Just Accept Change, Embrace It With Technology

Fierce competition and evolving consumer expectations are just two examples forcing change in the convenience store industry today, but the important question is, how can retailers keep up?

The convenience-store industry has learned to pivot quickly this past year, rushing to meet the new requirements the pandemic has demanded. Now, a year later, everyone is wondering what changes will stick and what changes are yet to come. Most importantly, how do stores stay profitable through all this uncertainty? It’s simple—listen to the data.

Fortunately for retailers, new technology is serving as an effective tool for handling all of those challenges.

In this webinar you will hear from retailers who have successfully managed a software change, and you’ll come away with best practices to help guide you.

Industries across the board are utilizing data in various ways to help improve business. Retail and, more specifically, convenience stores, can use data to increase revenue—but how, exactly? 

Data analytics can help a retailer understand a store’s customers in a way that was not previously possible.