J&J Snack Foods

J&J Snack Foods

J&J Snack Foods Corp. manufactures nutritional snack foods and distributes frozen beverages, which it markets nationally to the food service and retail supermarket industries.

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Great Grab-and-Go Items for All-Day Snack Food Sales

Tuning in to consumers’ snacking preferences and keeping labor low behind the scenes are key to maximizing profits

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The Importance of Cross-Merchandising with Top Snack Brands

Recognizable brands can communicate quality at a glance—and with a little strategizing, retailers can leverage them to increase basket sizes, too. Cross-merchandising offers an opportunity to compound the sales-driving power of consumers’ favorite brands and can help introduce shoppers to new products they’ll come back for again and again.

The pandemic continues to have an undeniable influence on the convenience store foodservice market, but with the new year comes new opportunities.

Expectations for convenience-store foodservice quality are at an all-time high. Still, for many retailers, reducing labor and increasing efficiency are top priorities.

An on-trend, sweet or savory option for convenience stores

How unique twists on classic sandwiches can boost foodservice sales

‘Holiday’ an opportunity to sell more, whether salted, with dips, as a sandwich or rolled in toppings

Pretzels’ flexibility, craveability make them ideal for all dayparts