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Carwash Cross-Promotions Drive Sales Across the Enterprise

Car washes represent an opportunity not only for additional revenue and profit streams for convenience-store retailers, but they also can play an important role in cross promotions that increase loyalty and customer spending.


How Customized Car Wash Features Can Keep Customers Coming Back

There’s nothing quite like pulling out of the car wash with a sparkling-clean car. But for many consumers, it’s more than the result that matters.

For convenience stores looking to boost revenues and profits, here’s an option they may not have considered: converting existing car washes to car-wash express tunnels. 

There is no shortage of car wash options for consumers, so c-stores should dedicate resources to differentiate their own from local competition.

Adding a car wash to a c-store can be a beneficial profit-maker for many retailers—but it’s a process that requires careful consideration.