How Customized Car Wash Features Can Keep Customers Coming Back

Photograph courtesy of National Carwash Solutions

There’s nothing quite like pulling out of the car wash with a sparkling-clean car. But for many consumers, it’s more than the result that matters. Consumers love the convenience and efficiency of a professional car wash, and added features can set one convenience store’s car wash apart from another’s by enhancing customers’ overall experience.

In a 2019 consumer study, the International Carwash Association reported that while many retail categories are struggling, car-wash operations continue to thrive. The study found that the number of consumers washing their cars by hand has decreased, and the percentage of consumers choosing a professional wash has increased significantly, with a record-setting 83% of Americans washing their vehicles at a professional car wash. So it’s safe to assume that if they’re going to pay for it, consumers will want a car wash to be a convenient, enjoyable experience.

Visual features upgrade the experience

With just a few added features, retailers can create a fully immersive car-wash experience and make the most of consumers’ preference for a luxurious wash. Strategic marketing can help retailers advertise a high-quality wash before a customer even enters the wash tunnel. For new and returning customers alike, visibility is key to driving sales. Custom-designed signage can capture visitors’ attention and quickly communicate that a retailer has gone above and beyond to make their car wash a special experience.

Once a customer has entered the tunnel, it’s all about the visuals. Colorful arches placed from the beginning to the end of the tunnel can denote different steps throughout the wash, ensuring each customer knows they’ve gotten their money’s worth as their cars stop for special features and added treatments. Foam cleansers with added colors and fragrances add to the customized appeal. Bright LED lighting seals the deal on an immersive experience, creating a cohesive aesthetic from entrance to exit with custom blasts of color to signify the extra services the customer has selected.

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Enhanced wash quality delivers value

Of course, the quality of the wash itself is necessary in recruiting repeat customers. Durable brushes, powerful cleansers formulated with high-quality chemicals and dazzling glosses and polishes ensure consumers’ cars will leave the tunnel looking brand-new. Loyalty programs, such as those offering unlimited washes for a recurring fee, can improve customer frequency by allowing customers to commit exclusively to a certain retailer’s wash. And with an effective, enjoyable car wash, consumers don’t need much convincing—a memorable, high-quality wash practically sells itself.

National Carwash Solutions provides retailers with everything they need to create an ultra-customized car-wash experience that consumers can’t find anywhere else. With an expansive range of brushes, chemicals and other parts and accessories, plus professional training and consultation services, National Carwash Solutions is c-store retailers’ one-stop shop for designing a car wash that customers will look forward to visiting every time. To learn more, visit ncswash.com.

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