Convenience-store retailers remain extremely positive regarding foodservice sales, with 73% thinking sales will greatly improve or somewhat improve in the coming year compared to last year—down just 1 percentage point from 2022’s survey. Those who think sales will slow somewhat or greatly is up 3 percentage points from last year.

These healthy numbers aren’t surprising considering that two years ago, when mired in the pandemic, 88% of respondents said foodservice sales would improve somewhat or greatly.

This optimism holding strong around 73% two straight years is a good sign for the category.

Meanwhile, foodservice sales in 2022 did substantially better than in 2021, not a surprise as pandemic concerns faded: Forty-eight percent said sales were up significantly in 2022 from 2021, compared with 26% the prior year. Those saying sales were up slightly was about the same: Thirty-three percent in 2022 versus 32% in 2021. Those saying sales were down slightly or significantly was just 2% in 2022 compared with 22% in 2021.

In dispensed beverages, dispensed regular coffee and dispensed, premade specialty coffee drinks tied for first, at 66%, as the segments with the best growth potential in the
next year. Last year, dispensed regular coffee and canned or bottled beverages tied for first at 60%. Hot tea again finished in last place, with 17%, down 11 points from
the prior year.