Carryout and self-service coffee switched between first and second place for strategies likely to play a key role in retailers’ foodservice operations—just like in last year’s survey. This year, however, both made big percentage gains among retailers: Eighty-five percent, versus 62% last year, think self-service coffee is somewhat likely or extremely likely to play a key role in foodservice operations in the next year. Carryout came in second place, at 82% versus 67% last year.

Catering, last year’s last-place finisher at 22%, escaped the cellar, tying with in-house delivery for next-to-last place at 30%. CBD-infused items finished last this year, at 15%; last year it was second to last, at 23%.

In foodservice-menu callouts, “locally sourced food products” jumped from last year’s third place of 43% to first place this year with 54%. Last year’s top pick, “vegetarian menu items,” at 48%, fell to third with 35%. In areas of investment, hot-holding display equipment finished first, at 66%, 13 points higher than last year’s second-place finish.