The Evolution of the Tobacco Industry: From Smoking to Vaping to Smokeless

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Fifty years ago, smoking was commonplace. That's because scientists hadn’t yet learned about the harmful effects of cigarette smoke. Once scientists began to realize that tobacco smoke caused a wide range of health problems, they started pushing for an end to traditional cigarettes.

This led to the adoption of the vape as a smoking alternative. While the first electronic cigarette was devised in the 1930s, it wasn't until the 1990s and early 2000s that it started gaining traction. Then, in 2003, Hon Lik created the first commercially successful electronic cigarette.

Since then, vaping has developed into a thriving industry and has served as an alternative to smoking for millions of people around the world. However, despite its clear advantages, vaping isn’t right for everyone and isn’t the ideal way to enjoy nicotine in all situations. For example, vaping indoors isn’t allowed in many public settings. In situations like this, a different way to enjoy nicotine is needed.

Enter nicotine pouches. 

They're smokeless, they’re discreet, they’re convenient, and according to the 250% sales increase in 2019, there’s a strong demand for them in the United States.

While pouches offer a significant improvement over previous nicotine consumption products, they still have one fatal flaw–tobacco.

Introducing the new era of nicotine: Tobacco-free nicotine pouches

As the industry continues to evolve, consumers are constantly looking for better ways to enjoy nicotine. One of the most recent product categories that arose to meet consumers' desire to avoid tobacco and its inherent properties are tobacco-free nicotine pouches.

What are tobacco-free nicotine pouches exactly? They’re basically the same thing as traditional nicotine pouches, however, they are made with synthetic nicotine that is not derived from tobacco. As such, they do not contain any tobacco-specific nitrosamines (TSNAs), which are thought to be some of the most potent carcinogens in tobacco products.

In European countries, such as Sweden,      tobacco-free pouches have been popular for quite some time. However, until recently, only “tobacco leaf-free” nicotine pouches, like Zyn and Velo, had been available in the United States.

Today, tobacco-free nicotine pouch brands are becoming increasingly popular in the US as a simpler way to enjoy nicotine without the effects of tobacco.

NIIN Pouches: A frontrunner of the tobacco-free smokeless movement

One of the first brands that rose to meet the growing demand for a truly tobacco-free pouch product in the US was California-based NIIN™ with its signature line up of Zero Tobacco™ Nicotine Pouches,      available in five long-lasting flavors (Citrus Chill, Wintergreen, Cool Mint, Spearmint and Cinnamon) and two nicotine strengths (3mg and 6mg).

Recognized by their bold, modern branding and signature “zero ring” emblem, NIIN Primed Pouches™ are made with synthetic TFN® nicotine.

By focusing on innovation and quality, NIIN™ has created a modern nicotine product that is discreet, convenient, non-combustible, smoke-free, odor-free and mess-free and most importantly, 100% tobacco-free.

To learn more about NIIN Pouches™ or to inquire about wholesale/distributor opportunities, please visit

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