Top 202 Convenience Stores 2020

Top 202 Convenience Stores 2020

CSP’s Top 202 details the largest chains in the convenience-store industry and the biggest M&A stories of the past year. Welcome to a deep dive into the c-store landscape.

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Who’s No. 1?
Rank Chain Name No. of Stores Last Year's Rank
198 Par Pacific Holdings/nomnom 31 61
198 Petro Serve USA 31
203 Gulshan Enterprises 30 56
203 PAJCO Inc. 30 199


For year-over-year benchmarking purposes, CSP’s Top 202 is a list of the largest convenience-store chains ranked by U.S. store count as of Dec. 31, 2019. Any pending sales are not included. Store counts are the total c-stores owned and/or franchised by the retailer.

Gresham Petroleum Co. (No. 125) and 7-Eleven Stores (No. 66) have each been acquired. Both chains are included on the 2020 Top 202 because the date each acquisition closed fell after Dec. 31, 2019. RaceTrac and RaceWay stores have been seperated due to their unique business models.

Note: Because of the tie at 201, the list includes 204 chains. Bonus!

Who’s Growing Fastest?

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