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10 Secrets of Craveable Foodservice

When someone has a food craving, they usually want it now! That makes convenience stores the ideal place to serve craveable food.

Recent consumer survey data from Technomic shows that “the need to satisfy a craving” is the No. 2 reason that people said they choose to shop at a specific c-store—topped only by convenience-based need states. The same survey shows that quick-service restaurants are winning the craveability competition, with 40% of their customers citing a craving as the reason for a visit versus 29% of c-store customers.

In both cases, satisfying a craving ranks much higher than seeking a healthy option or even price. So how can convenience stores up their game? Here are 10 ways c-stores can improve, plus examples of c-stores that are grabbing share from QSRs with craveable food.

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CSP Staff