When Technomic aggregates data from all the convenience stores it tracks to determine the top craveable items, sandwiches are No. 1. “That could be breakfast sandwiches or regular sandwiches,” Byrne said, because there’s limited differentiation in how the consumer distinguishes them in the context of the question. “It’s a combination of both.”

GetGo (pictured) earned a high rating for its sandwiches, both at breakfast and lunch, with a breakfast sandwich offered all day.

Pizza is second, and hot dogs or other roller grill items are third.

“Those are all things that we typically associate with convenience retailer food service programs, so it makes sense,” Byrne said.

New Jersey-based QuickChek ranked highest in Technomic consumer survey in the sandwiches category, receiving comments like these from QuickChek guests:

“I love to get my bacon and tomato grilled cheese.”

“I ordered a ham and cheese sandwich, which is available in many places, but I love how QuickChek makes them.”