One of the questions in the Technomic survey addresses brand ratings. “We ask the consumer to rate the brand, as well as profiling the occasion,” Byrne said. Consumers rate brands for craveable items they can only get at that particular c-store or QSR.

With that direction, Texas-based Yesway and its sister brand Allsup’s come out on top among c-store shoppers. When asked what items are craveable, the resounding answer from customers is burritos.

Chief Marketing Officer Derek Gaskins said, “We take tremendous pride in our Allsup’s ‘World Famous’ Burritos. The program is legendary and has a strong following across our markets. Foodservice is one of our strategic brand pillars, and our customers’ passion for our Allsup’s Burritos is amazing.” Yesway will be celebrating 50 years of the World Famous Allsup’s Burrito beginning Sept. 7 and rolling through 2024.

The burritos originated with Allsups’s in 1954, a regional chain in New Mexico, West Texas and Oklahoma. Yesway acquired the stores in 2019 and retains the brand. Allsup’s burritos were added to all Yesway stores in 2022.