For all the opportunity breakfast provides, there’s also a threat: Consumers are skipping breakfast more due to busy lifestyles.

Overall, consumers report they are eating breakfast at home 3.5 days per week, away from home 1.2 days per week, and are skipping it altogether 2.3 days per week.

Sixty-two percent of consumers report skipping breakfast at least once during the week, while 39% say they skip the morning meal at least once on the weekend.

What’s the reason for skipping weekend breakfasts? The No. 1 response is they are simply “not hungry in the morning,” followed by “just drink a beverage instead,” “waited too long to eat” and “don’t have time.”

Retailers and suppliers should meet these breakfast skippers halfway with a snackable morning item as well as a bevy of beverage options.

Source: 2017 Technomic Breakfast Consumer Trend Report