Age, regionality and ethnicity also factor into who is buying breakfast in convenience stores. Fifty percent of male c-store consumers say they purchase breakfast at least monthly vs. 40% of females—a gap that’s arguably not as wide as one may think. At 54%, Northeasterners are the most likely to be frequent c-store breakfast buyers, vs. 47% of Southerners, 34% of Midwesterners and 45% of Westerners.

Hispanic consumers are the most likely to purchase c-store breakfast items at 67% of shoppers, vs. 59% of Asian shoppers, 41% of Caucasians, 33% of black/African-Americans and 22% who identify themselves as “other.”

Perhaps reflecting the demographic needs—or just overarching flavor trends—portable, flavorful Mexican-inspired items are on c-store breakfast menus: Seventy-eight percent of the c-store chains tracked in Technomic’s MenuMonitor offer Mexican-style breakfast burritos.

Source: Technomic’s Q4 Convenience Store Consumer MarketBrief