Consumers purchase breakfast at a c-store on average 1.5 times a month, meager numbers compared to that of quick-service restaurants (3.9 times a month), coffee/beverage shops (2.5 times a month) and full-service restaurants (2 times a month), according to Technomic’s 2017 Breakfast Consumer Trend Report. So what’s trending on morning menus at restaurants that c-stores can steal?

Breakfast bowls are a highly portable option for potatoes, eggs and other breakfast ingredients, and 32% of consumers express interest in ordering them. And they don’t have to be made with savory ingredients only: Fruit smoothie bowls with superfood ingredients such as acai, chia seeds and oats also add differentiation.

On the menu: Chick-fil-A’s Hash Brown Scramble (pictured here), which debuted in August, features the chain’s tot-style hash browns, scrambled eggs, a Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese blend, jalapeno salsa and a choice of sliced chicken nuggets or sausage. It can be ordered in a bowl or as a burrito.