2021 Outlook Survey

2021 Outlook Survey

Pandemic Response

A whopping 98% of retailers say they have completely or somewhat recovered from a sales or traffic low point during the pandemic, 74% say they require employees to wear masks in their stores, and 78% are requiring employees get vaccinated, CSP’s survey reveals.

2021 Outlook Survey

Labor Woes

Convenience stores are having a hard time hiring and retaining employees, and most aren’t expecting the problem to improve soon, according to CSP’s survey.

Recovery puts retailer spotlight on labor, safety and supply chain.

While most retailers expect long-term gasoline demand to show slight or strong growth, many believe electric vehicles (EVs) will have the harshest effect on future gasoline demand.

Retailers are generally optimistic about business conditions as 2022 nears, with their biggest challenges revolving around securing and retaining labor, wage inflation and operating through the COVID-19 pandemic.