Here's an unusual job requirement: Nine-store chain Fabulous Freddies asks employees to use the word “fabulous” multiple times a day during work hours—and with meaning. “If you can’t say ‘fabulous,’ … then this isn’t the place for you,” said Jeff Warnick, vice president and chief operating officer for the Las Vegas-based chain. With five stores in Vegas and four in Utah, the full-service car wash sites include detail shops, express lube services, and 24-hour convenience stores and fuel.

“If you can’t say ‘fabulous,’ … then this isn’t the place for you.”

The company’s mission statement is “to provide a fabulous experience to everyone and their vehicles, which is of the highest in quality, convenience, value and service,” Warnick said.

Synonymous with car wash in most its markets, Fabulous Freddies coupon books and subscription programs. “Coupons are often bought seasonally, such as during holidays as a gift, so we experience ebb and flow of business with coupons,” Warnick said. “Subscriptions produce a more normalized, evened-out revenue stream. We set car wash volume goals at the locations, incentivizing employees to sign people up.”