alternative fuels


Murphy USA Unveils First Rapid-Charge EV Station

Chattanooga site will serve as test for retail transportation fuel provider


Gilbarco Introduces Encore S E25-Compatible Dispensers

New single-hose + 1 + 1 ethanol blenders offers retailer flexibility

Would have funded pumps at 38 area stations; chain says deal never went beyond talks

But show little enthusiasm for buying cars that run on alternative fuel

Mansfield Oil, Hess recognized for technology innovation

Pacific Convenience & Fuels signs "co-locating" agreement with Propel Fuels in West

Susser showcasing support for environmental initiatives

Support for ethanol subsidies weak, waning among GOP presidential hopefuls

State-backed deal brewing, but retailer says it's "a long way off"

President estimates new 54.5-mpg fuel-efficiency standard will save $1.7 trillion at pump

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