alternative fuels


EPA Has Done 'Inadequate Job' on Answering E15 Challenges

Agency's ethanol regs pose serious safety, environmental concerns for consumers: API


Love's Set to Open 10 CNG Fueling Stations in OK

And offering DEF at more than half of its travel stops

NACS: Policies can't coexist, even with "enormous" industry infrastructure investment

Ethanol supporters step up fight for alternative fuel tax credit for biofuel

Thorntons Inc. has announced that on April 2, Earth Day, it launched the Thorntons Flex-Fuel Earth Day Promotion.

Decision is premature, puts consumers at risk, says API

Domestic Fuels Act of 2012 reduces cost of entry, streamlines storage, equipment, more

Rolls out electric vehicle fast-charging network in partnership with state, developer

While API says EPA Tier III rulemaking promises higher fuel costs

Lundberg looks at how high gas prices would need to be to level playing field

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