Fuel delivery


Parker’s Implements High-Tech Fuel Monitoring

Cloud-based system powered by internet-of-things


Spotlight on E15: What Lies Ahead After RVP Waiver Is Struck Down

Chris Bliley, Senior Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Growth Energy, breaks down the implications of this change for convenience-store retailers and their shoppers and offers insight into Growth Energy’s efforts to ensure uninterrupted access to the fuel in the future.

Lawsuit alleges Colonial was negligent in its cybersecurity

As convenience-store retailers plan their future fuels, here are three factors that will influence the next generation of HDT fueling.

Full service expected to resume by midday May 13

Ransomware halts refined oil delivery

Offering E15 can be a significant sales-driving strategy for convenience-store retailers. However, there are some misconceptions among retailers regarding requirements for storing and dispensing E15—and it’s crucial to separate fact from fiction.

Fuel distributor strengthens Ozark region presence

People are constantly being reminded to “go with the flow,” especially when they find themselves in a stressful or challenging situation. But what if that “flow” isn’t good enough to properly complete the task at hand? 

Oil refiner partners with The NOW Network for development

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